Man Creates Incredible Custom-Made Mini Excavator/Backhoe

History has proven that some people are just smarter than others. Case in point: The guy in the following video needed a machine that would allow him to knock over trees and dig holes, while simultaneously drinking beer. But instead of buying a Bobcat with a cupholder, he built this rather ingenious mini excavator/backhoe that uses hydraulics to sort of ‘walk’ itself around. It’s absolutely crazy to watch, and it seems to be pretty well made too. In the video below, the Canuck definitely shows he knows a thing about mechanical engineering, because the design of his homemade backhoe is clearly well though out. The tough little digger appears to be patterned after an all-terrain Spider Excavator, which uses its boom (that big metal arm the bucket attaches to) to drag itself up steep slopes, or maneuver into places that a normal size machine wouldn’t fit (like a big Caterpillar excavator).


The advantage of not propelling it with 4 wheels, or a pair of tracks, is you can walk a spider excavator through many different types of terrain without causing much damage. The big, heavy chassis on a normal digger (like a Kubota or John Deere), would leave a trail of demolished landscape in its wake.


And that’s why spider-type excavators are often used for conservation work (like controlling soil erosion) in environmentally sensitive areas. As you saw in the video, buddy rode his little machine through the woods, and it didn’t cause much (unintentional) damage.
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We’re pretty sure that Mrs. Custom Spider Excavator was told how many gardening and landscaping projects her husband would be able to do for her, once she let him build this “affordable” machine. But that custom-made miniature earthmover looked like it was made from some pretty expensive parts. And that over-engineered beer holder (next to the control levers, in front of the seat) suggests that he built this mini excavator more for his own entertainment, than to work on his “Honey Do List”.
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