10 Car Performance Upgrades You Can Do for Under $500

Every real car guy knows that there is a way to improve their car. Individualizing your ride helps set you apart and can add performance where engineers from the factory had to make compromises. Even manufacturers of high-performance cars have to make compromises to make them more appealing to a wider audience.

Since most of us can’t afford the pinnacle of automotive engineering, the best bet is to make improvements where the engineers couldn’t. We decided to help our readers out by compiling a list of performance upgrades that you can do to your car on the cheap.

Here are some of your options:


1. Get Driver Instruction

Professional driving instruction is by far the biggest upgrade you can do to make your car go faster. Most cars, from the factory, are considerably faster at the limit than their drivers can ever take them too. Going to a track day and hiring a professional driving instructor to ride along with you as a coach will not only help you in a multitude of ways. Correcting your driving line, balancing your car, and helping you improve your posture and wheel control are all critical to getting the ten-tenths out of your ride.


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