Caught On Camera: Arizona Road Rage Driver Arrested

Sometimes, it’s just better to let it go. Especially when it comes to road rage. Every day, billions of people commute to work with most of us hitting rush hour traffic. No, it’s certainly not the best part of our day, but it’s a necessary evil and one most of us unfortunately, must learn to accept. Road rage incidents are becoming more and more prevalent with the media reporting fourteen states have now passed laws against aggressive driving. According to, 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving with 37% involving a firearm. Moral of the story, it’s always better to solve your problems on track day then on Monday morning when driving to work. Who wants to end up in jail when you could beat your opponent AND snag a pink slip to their ride?


Take for instance this man below. Arizona Department of Public Safety was called to the scene of the below collision. After receiving conflicting stories between the two motorists, police knew something was up. Fortunately, a fellow motorist caught everything on tape.
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  • tkell31

    36 driving a car with a big rear spoiler on it? Someone has problems.

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