Drag Race Legend Sets New 2014 World Record

Drag week is the world’s most extreme test of endurance for racecars today. Driving 1,000-plus miles, five consecutive days at four different tracks; it has become a brutal test…. but none of this was going to get in the way of race legend Larry Larson’s desire to acquire yet another NHRA title. He now holds the title of builder and driver of the World’s Quickest Street-Legal Race Car. On September 13, during the Hot Rod Magaine Drag Week 2014 Heads-Up Challenge competition at the Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Larry’s Unlimited Class 1998 Chevy S-10 tore up the quarter-mile in 6.16 seconds clocking in a speed of 219 mph! Larson has done the impossible before, winning five times in a row in his famous ’66 Chevy Nova that had been as quick as 6.94 seconds in the quarter mile at 200-plus mph. This ranks as one of the most impressive feats in all of motorsports, and earned the Nova the title of Hot Rod Magazine’s Fastest Street Car in America. With his Nova, Larson defined how quick steel-bodied street racing cars could be. His accomplishments, along with his Drag Week dynasty, are indisputable. He uses composite-bodied cars and Pro Mod engines, leaves VIN tags intact, and demonstrates what Drag Week’s Unlimited Class should be.


Larson has been building race cars professionally since 1992. In 1996 he opened Larson Race Cars, producing some of the finest racecars ever to grace a drag strip in the Midwest. Over the last few years his customer base has even grown to include cars in Australia. His expertise is not limited to chassis building, as he is much sought after at the track where he provides tuning, consulting and crew chief duties for such people as iconic engine builder Mike Moran. Larson Race Cars is an authorized distributor for many race car parts manufacturers, including Hooker Headers, Auto Meter Gauges, Koni shock absorbers, Weld Racing Wheels, Aeromotive, and Richmond Gear–just to name a few. Larry says it can cost upwards of $200,000 to field an Ultimate class drag racing vehicle. Taking a look at the ’98 Chevy S-10, it’s obvious that the results are priceless!



The Nitty Gritty: Larry Larson’s Record-Setting ’98 Chevy S-10
Utilizing the creative genius he is known for, Larry Larson used a 1998 Chevy S-10 regular cab pickup featuring the factory steel cab, steel doors for street use only, and steel bed all enclosing an SFI-certified chassis. The truck’s original steel windshield frame was used, with the original VIN tag still attached–a testament to Larry’s belief in all steel bodies for the Unlimited class of drag racing. Power in Larson’s S-10 comes from a 620 cubic inch, big-block Chevy-based aluminum engine with five-inch bore, topped with Brodix heads. Twin turbos are fed by a pair of 98 mm Precision Turbo Gen 2 Pro Mod chargers. No intercoolers are needed because the alcohol drag fuel cools the intake charge.The truck has two fuel systems: The one for street-use burns gasoline supplied by twin Aeromotive in-tank electric fuel pumps feeding Precision injectors on the top and bottom rows of the intake manifold. On the track the engine burns pure alcohol supplied by a belt-driven Aeromotive fuel pump. The engine control unit is a Pro Line Racing FuelTech FT500 EFI System. A sweet set-up, all around.
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