Five Of The Best American Muscle Cars of The 70’s

4) 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – 290 horsepower – $3,270

In 1969, Ford welcomed the Boss back to the office. Things had become a little hairy, and they wanted to reestablish their authority. The Boss 302 was unique because it took a 302 block, 351 heads, and was made to homologate the car for the SCCA Trans-Am series. The number up there says 290 but, as was usual in the 70’s, it was underrated. Tests show that the blue oval boys Boss was pushing closer to 380 at the pavement. That was good for a sprint to 60 mph (100 kph) in less than 7 seconds, not bad for a car designed for circuits.




Since it had to be built to specifications for racing the Boss 302 came with a racing suspension setup and a lot of aerodynamics for a street car of the era. A front splitter and rear spoiler helped create real downforce while full disc brakes helped you bleed off speed. In 1970 a new exhaust system was fitted, the front fascia lost the quad headlights, and a Hurst shifter came standard. In all, it is the year and model you should dream of. Over 7,000 were made, so owning one is pretty ascertainable too.

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