How To Pull A Car From A Frozen Lake, Russian Style!

Ah, Russia, with its polar bears, liberal Vodka consumption, the near indestructible Lada Niva, freezing temperatures and some of the toughest and craftiest people in the world. It is a vast country with some astonishingly beautiful landscapes that look as though they were designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts. However, a lot can go wrong when you’re driving through treacherous terrain and dealing with extremely low temperatures, so it pays to be prepared. The Russians are no strangers to traffic accidents and off-road mishaps, and they seem unfazed by minor setbacks, like having your car fall through the ice of a frozen lake.


For the rest of us mere tourists, it’s best to pay close attention to the locals and pick up some of the tricks that can save you and your car when things take turn for the worst in the frozen lakes and tundra. We’ll go on to cover the popular YouTube video in some detail, but first, we need a bit of context.


What Type of Terrain and Weather Conditions Can Drivers Expect In Russia

To give all you eager gearheads an idea of just how outlandishly inhospitable the environment gets during the notorious Russian winter, perhaps a quick history lesson will help put this into perspective; Both Napoleon Bonaparte and Hitler famously tried to waltz into Russia with their technologically advanced and well-equipped armies, and failed miserably – the German trucks, tanks and other assorted military vehicles would often freeze up or get stuck in the snow and ice rendering them inoperable.

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In the icy tundra there is a permanently frozen layer of soil that does not thaw regardless of the season, and the temperatures regularly go well below freezing during the warmer summer months, and the winters have that distinct arctic feel about them. They are home to some of the longest and most amazing off-road tracks in the world, even available tours where you are personally chauffeured around Russia in four-wheel drive army trucks. Things can get squirrelly pretty quick on the polar trails, and this is why It is important for both driver and vehicle to be properly prepared.
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  • froggy57

    Do we really want these people as enemies? Russians are cool.

  • Jan Drobiak

    While I was working in Vermont, there was a car that went through the ice. Essentially pulled it out the same way, but with a winch. I’ve seen vehicles on the ice in April. Crazy, falling through the ice happens.

  • DonkeyTeeth

    Who’s the pussy who didnt stay in the vehicle? A Redneck wouldve stayed in and finished his 6pack of Natural Ice beer while combing his mullet to get the algae and minnows out of it…then if he still had alittle time left,probably rub 1 out…..?

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