Incredible Firecracker Tire Hack From Random Off-Roaders

Rednecks are a resourceful lot. They often use very extraordinary methods to accomplish very ordinary tasks. Like using a tarp and a pickup truck to make a hot tub. Or using a beer can and duct tape to fix…anything. Necessity is definitely the mother of invention, and in the video below, you will see how a little off-road ingenuity combined with some determined good ole’ boys show you how to mount a tire redneck-style, using nothing but a match and some firecrackers. Yes, you read that right, firecrackers. What’s there to worry? Think of the bright side, if it goes badly, you can just grab the garden rake, a pack of hot dogs, and grill supper!


Tire Care 101

In order to keep a tire on the wheel, you need; a) tire pressure, and b) a secure tire bead seal. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an All Terrain tire, a chunky Off Road tire, snow tires, or a performance tire, you’ve got to maintain proper air pressure to keep the tire beads seated on the wheel. If enough air pressure is lost, the tire will separate from the rim, and you won’t be able to just “air it up”.

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What is a Tire Bead?

A tire bead is that bit of rubber on the inner edge of the tire, just behind the lip of the wheel. It’s made of a special rubber compound, molded around a length of steel bead wire. The rubber is shaped to fit securely against the edge of the wheel, and the steel ensures an airtight seal. The air volume inside the tire pushes against the sidewall, keeping the tire bead pressed against the wheel. If the tire bead ever detaches from the wheel, all the air will rush out, and not only will you have a flat tire, but you run the risk of permanently damaging the structural integrity of the tire.


It’s common practice with A/T tires and off-road tires, to partially deflate them when you’re out on the trail. This allows more of the tire to be in contact with the ground, improving both grip and traction. However, severe terrain can often cause the tire to roll too far on the rim, breaking the tire bead seal. In this situation, using fire to mount a tire can be a useful ‘trail fix’.
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