Inside Former Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg’s Muscle Car Garage

Pro-football player turned pro-wrestler, Bill Goldberg is a professional petrolhead; the man is crazy about cars. In the hills of Southern California Goldberg has a mountain mansion that is complete with the ultimate car guy garage. At almost 7,000 square feet his eight door garage has plenty of space to pack in all of the big man’s toys. Bill, like most of us, became interested in cars as a kid when his older brother and his friends would cruise around in classic American iron. Dodge, Plymouth, Chevrolets and Fords became a lasting love affair for Bill. So, after making it big in football and then the WWE, Bill decided to purchase a house and then upgrade the garage space to accommodate all the cars he wanted as a kid.


Who Knew Goldberg Could Turn A Wrench?

The best part about Bill though is that he is not afraid to turn a wrench. In fact, he does as much of the work on his cars as he can. The motivation for this all came about after he purchased his second car, a 1968 Plymouth GTX. After some troubles with a local restoration shop he took back the car and bought a parts donor GTX. With the help of a mechanic friend he redid half of the car and learned a lot in the process.


“The Coolest Car Collection”

With around 20 cars, Bill’s collection is undoubtedly worthy of envy. “Only the coolest cars,” is how he describes his selection process for buying a new piece. One trend is consistent, though, they are almost all American muscle cars, a perfect fit for an ex-pro wrestler, right? Check out some of the highlights of Goldberg’s infamous car collection below.
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