Ken Block Goes Mustang Crazy for Gymkhana 7

The infamous unicorn car Eleanor, which Nicholas Cage boosted in Gone in 60 Seconds with his characteristic quirky ways, is a weak, tame vehicle in comparison to Ken Block’s 1965 Ford Mustang. Yep, I said it. Block violated the Mustang legacy with reckless abandon, hacking apart and fundamentally changing a classic example of the beloved pony car. Some are calling for his head on a platter, but most people are at least marveling at the twisted, sadistic product of his demented Muscle car-fueled dreams. With the Gymkhana series, Ken Block has shown us all some pretty crazy stuff. That’s why it’s fitting that for the seventh installment, the famous racer unveiled a Ford Mustang so extreme that it is almost too much to fully process. Take a look at the beauty below and let us know what you think.


To start off, the 1965 ‘Stang pushes out 845 horsepower from its 410 cubic inch Roush Yates V8 engine, which qualifies it as a fire-breathing dragon that eats Corvettes for breakfast. Then you factor in the severe bodywork that has been done to the car, like bulging fenders, custom roll-cage, door bars and both front and rear suspension mounts making it difficult to even recognize as a Mustang. Perhaps the most sacrilegious upgrade is the addition of a custom, 6-speed Sadev SC90-24 all-wheel drive system. Who seriously alters a Mustang so it no longer sends all of that glorious power to the rear wheels? Oh, right, Ken Block does, and he’s laughing the entire time. The build was so extreme it took two long years to complete. The car looks scary, sounds scary, and pulls off some scary, sick moves during Gymkhana 7. The video takes place in Los Angeles, and no it doesn’t feature Block trying to navigate his way through rush hour traffic, although that could promise plenty of mayhem. Instead, a large swathe of the City of Angels was shut down by black and white squad cars, which surely log-jammed traffic and sent tempers flaring for quite a few of the residents.


However, It was all for a good cause, and if they have checked out the video they supported by sitting in a three-hour LA traffic jam, those people will likely feel the sacrifice was small in comparison. Things start off proper with a four-wheel burnout, thanks to the beast being tied down in a warehouse. Once Block breathes in enough tire smoke to vomit, he unleashes the Hoonicorn and away it speeds through the city streets. Of course Block drifts around turns, because that’s his style. The way he does it makes the Mustang almost go backwards, putting to shame the stunts that people marveled at in The Fast and the Furious 3 with all the drift cars. He does smoky figure eights around hot dog carts and piles of garbage, and even performs several donuts around the iconic Randy’s Donuts. Oh, the irony…Block thunders through other parts of Los Angeles like Chinatown, stretches of freeway, the river, and even the Sixth Street Viaduct.
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  • Clarence Graham

    WOW That says it all Clarence Graham

  • Warren Miller

    WOW!!! That mofo can drive!!! WOW!!! Most radical stang I’ve ever seen and the MAD driving skills combine, for the most AWESOME video on the streets of LA, ever!!! WOW!!!

    • Tosay

      @dddjjf I see you are still trolling youutbe swearing the dodge is so fast and all that. Yet they are still behind ford. There are to many new mustangs running 12.2-12.5 stock to think it isnt possible. Plus a crap load in teh 11.7-11.9 range with just cold air and tune. and stock trap at 114-115. The one 392 car they tested was teh sema car an ddidnt pass no emissions. There for not street legal. They weigh more then then teh old ones arent going to be much faster..

  • cameron leslie

    bloody exellent

  • morrie

    not bad for a Ford LOL

  • kevin knight

    simply BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both car and driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quantum vision system hoax

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  • Keith meikle

    Exciting to watch but not very hard too do ive been doing that stuff since the 70s before ralleying was big ,he just happens to be lucky enuff to to be given the oppertunity from his family & sponsors at this time of excess of everything extreme . Their are thousands of drivers both male & female that can bring it if given the chance ,he’s just one of the lucky ones that have a little talent and alot of luck & can go fast take chances and spend other peoples $$$ .he is definately playing the game .

  • Al Scarbrough

    Wow!! This is not just some video of some incredible driving! This is a MASTERPIECE! The Los Angeles River where the Grease race scene was filmed, the low-rider sync stunt, the slow white Bronco chase, the Matrix LA Highway scenario, it’s ALL here! It is all so masterfully produced and combined here in a modern sequence and the skills displayed in all of it are beyond words. This is much more than what most people will probably expect from this video, so watch it all the way through and prepare to be amazed and dazzled and surprised. The deer crossing at the end is just unbelievable because of the aspect of timing and camera angle. The crew that produced this video is to be commended and recognized as a group that doesn’t settle for kind of cool of or “Polyester” cool. These people have redefined cool in regard to this genre of video. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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