Lamborghini Aventador Crash: Moment of Impact

At close to $400,000, a Lamborghini Aventador is probably one of the last vehicles you would want to smash into another vehicle with. Insurance for a car like this is more than most people’s regular car payment. I can only imagine that insurance rates will only increase for this guy after this little accident. Of course, it’s probably not that hard to wreck a Lamborghini Aventador if you are not accustomed to driving one. It’s sleek look and winged doors not only make I look fast, but it actually is fast, really fast! The Aventador’s V12 Engine puts out 700 hp and will go 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds. So, it is easy to see how you could lose control of a car like this very quickly.


While we do not know what happened in this particular incident, we can assume that the occupants of the accident vehicles were not the only ones shedding tears. Any car-loving bystanders on Sloane Street in London that day were probably shocked and maybe saddened to see such an expensive car rocketing down the street and ricocheting off the other cars.


Just like with any accident, now the owner of this car must consider how to put it back together and get it back on the road. The problem is that not just any body shop is qualified to work on such a masterpiece as the Lamborghini Aventador. Supercars like this often require extreme disassembly for something as simple as an oil change, and the cost of parts are through the roof. Some of the parts, if mishandled, are rendered useless before they ever get installed.

So, while watching a Lamborghini Aventador crash out on the road might be entertaining to watch, it can be the beginning of a complete nightmare and very sad day for the owner.
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