Seven Sinfully Great, Must-See Muscle Car Restorations

Bringing a car back from a decrepit state is gratifying, but being able to take it to the maximum level of engineering is brag-worthy. Everyone loves being unique, and showing up at the local meet in something that stands out is twice as great. More power, more torque, more style, and more sophistication are all key aspects that will carry your car to the center stage.

Everyone adds their own unique touch to their ride. Devoting a lot of money, though, as with most things, is the ticket to set you apart. These seven cars are so sinfully well done that we might as well be begging for forgiveness. Money, time, craftsmanship, and dedication all pushed these princes to perfection. Not all of these are beauty queens, though, so look out. The last thing we want is you to get embarrassed if you meet one of them at a stop light start.


7) 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am – Gregg Hamilton

That is a big 10-4 good buddy; this Trans Am is everything that the Bandit wishes his Pontiac could have been. We all know that the Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit was sweet, but in real life, the 1977 Trans Am was a bit of a dud. Gregg Hamilton, a World Rally Star, so loved the car’s ideology that he took it and made it what it should have been.


A new GM 5.3 Gen III V8 with forged rods, pistons, and LS9 cams (plus, two turbos) make this a monster. Lowered and with revised bodywork, you will notice it still looks the part of a movie star but finally behaves like one.

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