Seven Sinfully Great, Must-See Muscle Car Restorations

6) 1971 De Tomaso Pantera ADRNLN

Does anyone else hear the name “Pantera” and just want to play their music? I do. Regardless, the original Pantera, made by De Tomaso was a mid-engine supercar for the 1970’s. Italian styling met American muscle when a Ford V8 pumped power to the rear wheels. The car was great.


The Ringbrother’s made it a legend. ADRNLN is the name they gave to the bring yellow restoration/customization project that one man started. After his death, the Ringbrothers picked up his progress to make it perfect. 600 horsepower is cranked out of the LS3 motor (sorry Ford), and a Corvette suspension helps direct it to the road. With a customized interior and exterior modifications, the ADRNLN looks like the 1970’s should have been.

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