The Fastest Golf Cart in The World

This project golf cart sounds like something Tim Allen would have creating while screaming “Moar power!” Most people have the sense to realize that golf carts are slow for a reason. Anyone who has driven one is aware that they don’t corner very well even at low speeds and offer essentially no protection if they were to roll a few times. That’s why modifying one so that it can reach speeds over 100 mph sounds like a horrible, irresponsible and a completely awesome idea! Plum Quick Motors is responsible for the record-setting golf cart. It did the quarter mile in 12.24 seconds at a speed of 118 mph, with Guinness World Record officials on-hand to verify the results. That run completely blew away the previous golf cart quarter mile record of 14.183 seconds at 103.65 mph, which was also set by Plum Quick. One has to question if nobody else is crazy enough to even attempt topping that.


The momentous event took place at the Darlington Dragway, which is located in South Carolina. There are videos out there of the golf cart taking down several cars at the drag strip, demonstrating just how serious of a performance machine it is. When the Plum Quick golf cart lines up for its run, there is pretty much no fanfare. It doesn’t burn rubber in the water box, there is no sound of the engine revving, no flames shooting out the nonexistent exhaust pipe. Instead, you see a complete set of clubs in a bag strapped to the back, making the thing look borderline ridiculous. And then it takes off silently, rocketing forward with brutal speed that would outrun a Mustang and quite a few other performance cars without breaking a sweat.


According to Plum Quick Motors, about 90 percent of the golf cart is completely stock. That’s pretty crazy, considering that such a vehicle is meant to lazily tool around putting greens and gentle rolling hills, not tear down a drag strip at over 100 mph. Just how the builders figured nothing would fail at such a high speed is anyone’s guess, and it’s a good thing nothing did go wrong during the record attempt. The record-setting golf cart is lovingly called Bandit. Driving around a regular golf course in it would take only a few minutes, that’s if you didn’t stop to slice a few shots and buy a beer or two. Even though the cart is technically fast enough to drive on regular roads, the police and anyone with half a brain would have plenty of objections to such a plan.

After he successfully completed the quarter mile run and set a new world record, the driver said that he depended quite a bit on prayer, asking that nothing bad would happened. He also confided that the experience was right on the border between having a very bad day and enjoying a wild ride.
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  • Kenneth J. Bakka

    I can make a pencil sharpener beat a Z06. BFD

  • Breezy

    With the clubs in the back. Amazing bit of icing on that cake!

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