World’s Fastest Street Car – The 1700HP Ford BADD GT

Records are meant to be broken-even if they are your own. And that’s just what Johnny Bohmer, owner of Performance Power Racing did. In 2011, Bohemer and team set the world record in the standing mile for a production car driving 223.42mph driving the BADD Ford GT. A year later, the Performance Power Racing Ford GT re-set the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car at a mind-blowing 283.232 mph. That’s right, the Ford GT went from zero to over 280 mph in one mile, fast enough to out-accelerate a fighter jet during takeoff. And it appears 283 isn’t fast enough either. Plans are underway to attempt to become the first street legal car to break the 300 mph barrier in the standing mile. Ford fanatics and general car enthusiasts; assemble and enjoy the world’s fastest, BADD Ford GT!


The car is powered by a twin turbocharged Ford V8, developing 1700+ horsepower. The records it holds are almost unmatchable: world’s fastest car, fastest standing mile, fastest accelerating car, and most powerful car. The record breaking run took place at NASA’s Space Shuttle Landing Facility Runway where the Ford GT made several passes in order to clinch the title. That the Ford GT was allowed to run on a private runway is not “rocket science”.


When they’re not building monster Ford GTs, Performance Power Racing builds state of the art aerospace components for defense contractors like Pratt & Whitney. There’s no word on which parts used PPR technology to reach the massive 1700+ hp figure either, but there’s no doubt that this Ford GT is a four-wheeled rocket.
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The run was measured by Tag Heuer timing equipment and verified by officials from the International Mile Racing Association, who recognized the run as a new IMRA world record, as well as being certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Catch the Ford BADD GT in action below:

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  • Daniel

    I dont think this should qualify… if it cant pass California smog (thats a bit of a joke) and be a daily driver and be able to make several runs like the Veyron can while maintain comfort and drive-ability, then its not a street car… I have a feeling that car like a lot of other GT40s will be breaking more parts and sitting idle then it will be driving. Dont get me wrong yeah I dont care for Ford but the GT40 is a sexy car… if they can up the build quality and materials, it would be a fantastic car.

    • anon

      Have you driven GT40? The fit and finish is far superior to the Corvette. The build quality and materials used are superior to most vehicles on the road. For 1/4 the price the GT40 is twice the car of the overgrown VW “Bugatti” Veyron. You cannot mention fit and finish and then compare to a VW!!!! With the incredible heat the Veyron produces and it’s VW heritage I would be more worried about the Veyron being broken down and sitting idle than a racing tested Ford V-8 in the GT40.

      • Lee Newman

        If Chevrolet wanted to, they could erase this record!

        • David Walters

          It would take a bunch of bottles of white out for Chevrolet to erase it

        • wayne

          yeah right, chevrolet sucks! They are to busy getting bailed out!

        • Steve

          Sorry bub, Chevy never came close to LeMans.

      • Steve

        Sorry Daniel, you’re wrong about the Veyron. Just saying. Do you actually think that VW builds the Veyron!?! Suddenly everyone on FB is a high performance mechanic.

      • Bob Bolton

        A GT40 cost twice as much as a comparable Vette. And yes, I drove one of the 1966 cars along with a 427 Cobra. Never really liked the GT40 for a street car. Not as comfortable as a Vette – if you can call anything like that comfortable

        • Jeff Phillips

          When you compare the price of a Ford to a Chevy you have to take into consideration that Chevrolet was heavily subsidized by US Government bailouts. GM has been bailed out repeatedly throughout its history. There too the Vette is produced in greater numbers so it should be cheaper. It would be interesting to compare production costs before construction began. Then it this GT40 using the same Ford truck engine block as the stock GT-40, or have they upgraded to something other than?

        • wayne

          A government motors vette junk, is no way comparable to FORD! FORD will always be the best!

          • Greg

            You know I am really sick of listening to the Ford Fan boys. Ford took bailout money, yes fan boys they did. The reason Ford didn’t get loans (a.k.a Bailouts) at the same time as GM? Ford was making such a poor product that they almost went under in 2006. They borrowed money from everyone including the government in 2006, before the economy tanked in 2008. They had already closed plants and laid off workers that is why they were in better shape in 2008. They had already imploded and were already restructuring 2 years earlier. Even after restructuring in 2009 Ford took BILLIONS in interest and payment free loans until 2012 from the Department Of Energy that according to Ford it was money they didn’t even need which is even worse.

      • CombatVet

        The Volkswagen Group owns the company Bugatti (among others) but it is completely separate from Volkswagen cars and has no creative or technological control. Calling a Veyron an “overgrown VW” is a misnomer to the extreme.

      • Richard

        I have driven one!!
        Its obvious YOU sir have NOT!!

    • gary

      well guess you failed to remember that when Chevy was even semi good was when Shelby worked for them

  • fly

    You have the model of the car wrong there Daniel.

  • http://MANAGER Chuck

    Rare stones

  • Paul

    It needs to run at Bonneville.

  • bill

    I was able to drive a friend’s GT(40) and I was amazed at how comfortable and ‘driver friendly’ it was. Killer looks, feel, speed, comfort etc. Ford nailed it with this car, It will remain burned into my ‘car guy’ brain as a truly awesome experience. We pulled into a little diner for lunch and when we left I looked in the mirror and the whole restaurant was out in the parking lot including the cook!! Maximum COOL.

  • Matt Grabosky

    I guess the body can be called a production car. What work went into the motor is not production, is it ? This is not like the new Challenger with the Hell Cat Hemi platform. A true straight from the factory street beast !

    • Bruce W

      The Hellcat does have more HP than a Ford GT but is made to go in a straight line, the Ford GT would kill a Hellcat on a road course and with a smaller motor is equal to a Hellcat in the 1/4 mile, the stock Ford GT also will go above 200mph while the Hellcat tops out at 199. I doubt anyone will ever get any Hellcat to 280 mph……..or even close even with twin turbos.

  • Richard

    Seen one of these at Sam’s club. A quick look in the back window and you can see of the work man ship. This is a beautiful sexy car. There’s and article here of the GT vs Ferrari; I’ll take one to admire and dolt over, and one to drive all out every day! Don’t forget Ford brought you the Cobra and the Pantera. The Pantera is another rear engine machine with an Italian body powered buy Ford.

  • Jan Orme

    This pupose built car ran at the Texas Standing Mile for the record.

  • Calif919

    Too many chevy fanboys here….get over it. LS motors are a thing of the past.

    • Richard

      Im not a Chev fan but, you really need to do you homework before posting
      comments like that bud. “LS thing of the past”…pfft you obviously do not have
      any engineering knowledge.

  • http://att. feeble

    just a question about racing the turbos at a high r.p.m. and then quickly shutting down the engine and stopping the shared lubricating oil source. Thought there was a Turbo “spin down” period before shutting off the engine and turning off the common oil source to the turbo bearings. Does this machine have a separate oil source for the turbos? Thank you.

    • Richard

      There are aftermarket accumulators that will provide oil pressure to the turbo/s bearings to provide
      cooling for up to five minutes after shut down.

  • Rick

    if this car is so “BAD” let it make the Silver Lake Run and set a true street car record 7 miles both ways

  • Goose

    I dont think anyone could handle the full G fprce excelleration without wearing a G suit?

    • Bob

      A, B, and C might tend to disagree with you on that assumption, Goose. (Ashley, Brittney and Courtney)

  • don

    well we finally know what it takes to make a fast ford MILLIONS after all making a fast ford isn’t an easy chore

  • Norm

    4500 Ford GTs built / 400 Bug’ Veyrons built … which one isn’t a production car?

  • Goose

    Although I enjoy fast cars; a 300 mph street car is ridiculous. You know some egotistical nutcase is going to try and do that on a hi way somewhere, It would be like a speeding bullet; no one would see it coming; and there would be a huge disaster. The impact would be like a missile hitting an object. I really dont care about top speed; I care about torque. You feel torque; not HP. For street’ 0-60 is the most important. Not doing 300 mph.

  • Pete Rallis

    The LS is really good copy of the Ford 351 Cleveland which easily made 500 hp with a carburetor in 1970…and talk is good, but there are NO Corvettes this fast…

  • Mr Nobody

    Transtar Dagger, 320 mph. – just sayin…

  • StealthStang

    If this Ford GT is 100% Street Legal including the State of California, I would like to know how much would it cost to build a similar setup for a 05-06 For Ford GT or Convert a 71-75 Ford Powered Pantera? In California we have 91 octane or E85 Fuel, could they still build a 1700+ HP engine and still pass smog in the state of California?…I would like to be able to Daily Drive it as well…Thanks and God Bless!

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