Jet Kart Is Upgraded With Turbo And Afterburner

Ricky Bobby said he wanted to go fast, and he first did so without any caution whatsoever. That was a movie and the character was a little kid who didn’t realize he was mortal, who turned into an adult who also didn’t realize he was mortal, so it’s even more unbelievable when adults in real life take on a similar attitude. Take, for example, this jet kart with an afterburner. Who in their right mind would make such a thing? Even more important, who would have the lapse of judgment to actually attempt to drive it, even with a helmet on and sticking to a closed course? Most people would guess the man behind such a vehicle would be a deranged lunatic, perhaps even a serial killer. They might even guess it was a Russian scientist, but they would be wrong. Instead, the twisted genius is a computer engineer from England, and his name is Adrian Bennett. It’s hardly a menacing-sounding name, and the guy works a pretty mundane job. But, like many of us gear heads, Adrian has a love for fast cars, speed and adrenaline.


Built right from his UK home, Bennett modified a Schwitzer turbo charged engine base and attached a 1,000 degree centigrade diesel fueled after burner to his Honda four-stroke Go Kart. This later led to him beating the world record top speed in a Go Kart. Yes, we know what you’re thinking…and we challenge the naysayers to try piloting a go cart with 120 horsepower and then come back and tell us “it’s no big deal.” In the video when Bennett fires up the afterburner, sending kerosene into the exhaust, things turn even crazier. The exhaust turns red hot, glowing like a sparkler on the Fourth of July. That move apparently dials up the thrust by 40 percent, which should be enough to help the kart achieve escape velocity. Bennett admitted that his fascination with jet engines started when he was a kid and the space race was on, which put rocket science front and center. As a result, he has spent 25 years learning about jet engines and their features.


Despite that specialized knowledge, Bennett also admitted that he always feels a sense of danger whenever he gets behind the kart’s steering wheel. After all, a failure of the turbo could mean the rotating assembly would become a fiery projectile. Another very real risk is that that fuel pipes could burst, spraying the fuel all over while igniting. The heavy power output and quick speeds could also conceivably cause one of the tires to wear out completely and burst, which is never a good thing. Powering the kart is a Honda four-stroke engine that is heavily modified with a diesel turbo that was donated by a 16-liter earth mover’s powertrain. Strapped to that is a diesel-powered 1,000 degree centigrade afterburner. The setup makes 120 horsepower, which might not sound like much but is plenty when you’re talking about an extremely lightweight go-kart. Ultimately, Bennett would like to take down the standing top speed record for a jet-powered go-kart, which sits at 71.34 mph. After that, the guy then wants to move on to surpassing the 100 mph mark. Bennett also plainly admitted to journalists that one of the big things that is holding him back from the goals is his personal weight. This is when dieting is an absolute must. All things cost money, and the jet kart certainly is no exception. According to Bennett he has dropped about $1900 on his creation. He also poured about 150 hours of personal time into the build. Even though the guy is a tuning pro he favors green technologies. Because of that dedication, he has fabricated his own electric car and an electric motorcycle. His house features a wind turbine and solar panels as well. Even though his electric vehicles are impressive in their own rite and socially responsible, you have to admit that the jet-powered kart is the best way to roast some pretty mean marshmallows.
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