Five Insane Auto Heists And How To Not Fall Victim Yourself

Watching the video below will make just about anyone smile especially if you have personally had or known somebody to have had their car stolen. Even if you haven’t, hopefully you can appreciate some instant karma being served to the below idiotic thief who was plotting to steal this man’s ride. The best thing you can do, is to prepare for the worst by understanding these criminals motives, tactics and putting a line of defense in front to deter them away from your property. According to the FBI, over seven hundred thousand automobiles are stolen in the United States each year. Surprisingly enough, this number has been decreasing over the last decade thanks to widespread adoption of security systems and security surveillance systems in general.


When it comes to protecting your ride, it’s actually the mainstream family car like the man’s below that is getting stolen the most. Primarily for the obvious reason that they’re more readily available. That said, luxury heists have been increasing in the states over the last decade and will likely continue to rise as the classics continue to become more and more rare thus increasing in value. These days, it’s not enough just to keep an eye on our shops and/or private garages. And it’s highly doubtful you will get as lucky as the below man by catching your thief in the act and in broad daylight. Nonetheless, below are five of the most expensive auto heists in history, and a few tips so you can avoid falling victim yourself.

$450,000 Worth of Engines Stolen in North Carolina with possible ties to Discovery Channel show “Street Outlaws”


It is suspected that Ronnie Pollard, who has appeared on Discovery Channels hit show “Street Outlaws” is somehow involved in a June Robbery in King, North Carolina. The target was Buck Racing Engines, a local race engine shop. Owner Charlie Buck came to work one day back in June, 2015 to find that an estimated $450,000 worth of engines had been stolen from his shop.
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