This Cop Was Caught on Video Drag Racing His Police Motorcycle

Sometimes people wake up one day and have the brilliant idea to run through the woods slathered in honey and carrying a few raw T-bone steaks in their hands, just to see what will happen. Of course it’s no shock when there is a bear mauling, because that’s what doing such foolish things will get pretty much anyone. On the same level of stupidity is drag racing a cop on a public road, because that is the very definition of stupid. Even worse is when a cop decides to drag race a citizen, especially in this day and age when so many vehicles are outfitted with cameras to capture all of the action, and then within minutes upload the escapade onto YouTube for the whole world to see.


Okay, that may be a bit harsh. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch a Harley Davidson piloted by the police drag race a daring citizen riding a Honda CBR600RR on the open road? That was precisely what happened to a police officer in Montgomery, Alabama. The officer, whose identity is apparently still a mystery, was traveling on Eastern Boulevard. In the video he tells Lawrence Lee Spillers at a red light that his motorcycle is turbocharged, apparently bragging about its ability to accelerate quickly. Spillers asks if he wants to race him. When the light turns green the cop takes off and Spillers gives chase.


The cop was on a police Harley Davidson that looks like a Fire FLHTP Electra Glide. In stock form, they come with an air-cooled, High Output Twin Cam 103 engine that has an integrated oil cooler and pushrods. In stock form, the bore measures 3.87 inches, the stroke 4.374 inches, the compression ratio is 9.7:1, and the displacement is exactly 103.1 cubic inches.

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Torque output measures about 104 lb.-ft. Rounding out the setup is Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection. The bike itself weighs 842 pounds, without the rider and his gear. Spillers was on his Honda CBR 600RR, which isn’t exactly the most legendary bike out there, but it still packs a little bit of a punch. The engine is a 599cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder with a 67 millimeter bore and 42.5 millimeter stroke.
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  • Alan

    I think that cop had a great public interaction. If more cops were like him we would have a much better police public relationship

  • steven

    again thats bullshit if they fire that cop ..he was improving public relations where in that video do you see what people call racing .never went over 60 the cops never said YEA lets race he was nice friendly just having a good time .this is why people hate cops cause they are suposed to act like assholes or they get fired . his boss thats bitching about it needs to be fired

  • JM

    Heaven forbid he acts like a human.

  • Ken Shelton

    Oh fer christ’s sakes chief he was just being freakin human… Maybe you should pull that stick outa your backside and live a little

  • art

    I do not know why type of bike he had. but most of those bikes will out run that cop bike

  • harvey wiley

    maybe not posting the video of the ” cool ” cop so he doesn’t get into trouble would have been the way to go or at least blur his face.

    • Bazza

      Agree 100%, why post this when you know the reaction it will likely get (which is completely unjustified) and the cop was being so cool to you??

  • Daling

    Depends on your court. Sometimes the officer does not need to be there. You go beofre the judge and plead not guilty. the judge then sets up a court date for a trial; the officer then appears for your trial. In some states, traffic court is held on certain days and any officer who issued citations would show up in court on that day.The city I worked in had traffic court every Monday. I usually did not go. If a person entered a not guilty plea, the judge set a court date for the following Monday. I would ge told (summoned) and would appear.

  • Robert

    That made me GRIN!

  • MidSouth Mitch

    Stevie Wonder could see that the cop’s Harley IS NOT turbocharged! The cop should have gambled donuts against a speeding ticket!

  • http://n/a Joe

    Uh, that wasn’t a drag race. That was more of a “off the line 0-40 race”. They were going the same speed as the car next to them, which stays in the rear-view the whole time. Pretty sure they didn’t reach break-neck speeds there.

  • Abby

    At least he’s not killing someone, more of such cops with public interest, not just their happy gun slinging/shoting

  • Dan

    Sometimes you just have to let the horses run. A uniform doesn’t stop a motorcycle from being the most fun you can have without leaving the ground.

  • Mike

    Agreed with most of the above – The cop was being friendly and at no point unsafe! The CBR600 would easily do more than he did, wasn’t exactly opened up or dangerous! That said, perhaps would have been cool to blur the cop’s face out or even NOT upload the video, as I guess now he resigned, cops will feel less comfortable being ‘human’ and all relaxed like that, if they think they’re going to end up on YouTube and have the interaction scrutinised by their boss!

  • Tony

    The idiot on the red bike who leaked this on line is a stupid asshole, why get the friendly cop in trouble, he was being nice to you?

  • edward

    hi man that stuped whone driveing the van should lose her linces and the mottersicel had the write she was the dumbfuck

    • Edward Caldero

      hey I think it is cooe l cops let me go at times when I am speeding would love to see one get it on show they are human be one of the guys

    • Sway

      What the heck is a mottersicel???

  • steve westcott

    A human cop, thanks from the UK.

  • Manuel Bicudo

    You should have bought him (the cop) a coffee for being a cool dude … maybe you should also have him win the race …

  • e schm

    Everybody wants cops to be cool ,so when they are you video tape him , numnutts

  • John

    It’s all fun and games until he either hurts or kills himself or someone else. This cop should lose his badge.

    • Montely

      He never traveled at an excessive rate of speed. The biker on the red bike said lets race, so you assume the officer was racing so he should lose his job. Tells us what you really want to say. We’ll wait.

  • Oliver

    I think he done the right thing.

  • Josh

    It’s got a turbo? Umm… no. Look at the exhaust. It’s a Harley. Comes off the engine, and right out the back, no turbo there.

  • Andrew

    Give that policeman a raise!

  • Jerry McEntire

    No one got hurt so whats the problem?

  • Derek Monroe

    No turbo, that’s obvious and I don’t think the cop should have been punished.

  • Seth Franklin

    sport bike should’ve gotten a ticket for driving with his signal on

  • Michael Carrier

    Nothing but a bunch of hard a**** theses days. Looking to take someone down and ruin their life for any reason. Look a that southern lady chef. Found not guilty and she still had her a** chewed off. Let people have fun again what the he** did they hurt???????????? NOTHING.

  • Lev Tolstoi

    This is a fkng advertisment for the Harley bike, since 85% of the article is bike stats!

  • HughJaynis

    Too long an intro

  • Edward Wingard

    It seemed to me like they weren’t going much faster than the flow of traffic, they just got up to seed quickly. AFAIK there is no law against that so long as you’re not “breaking traction”.

    • Allen Benge

      In Arizona, they could be cited for Exhibition of Speed.

  • Gregg

    Relationship building is also a part of serving. If they had actually raced I might say it was a problem but with it being a slow speed race I think it’s a huge mistake to make a big deal out of it! Forcing him to resign makes it viral. We should all wish that a friendly officer like this is in our community!

  • Dave Steines

    big deal. cops are people too.

    • Iain Mckenna

      well..there also cops

  • Robert Bryan

    it’s just anther street race he should lose his job no respect for the law hear.

  • AJ

    I really don’t see an issue here. It’s not like they were hammerin it. Neither one of them went anywhere near the speed potential of either one of these bikes. They werent weaving in and out of traffic. And slowed down when approaching other vehicles.

  • disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    Ouch !!!!! can’t be Human anymore Tsk Tsk !!

    • Kyle Tipton

      How true

  • Kyle Tipton

    This is what is wrong with the US today. We are so worried about this motorcycle race that we are distracted from political corruptness, corporate racketeering, and the threats of global terrorism on our own soil. Do we really even care that this happened? I don’t. I ride a cycle. If I were to find a local policeman who would race me I’d be honored. Making this an issue is indicative of the larger problem we have in our country. If you aren’t perfect you’re a liability. Problem is. None of us is perfect. What do you think this officer did for police/public relations here? I think he increased the esteem for his department by 1000 fold. If you don’t then, in my opinion, you’re part of what is wrong with our country today.

  • Nursetom

    Not really racing, I’d say they didn’t get past 70 if that

  • Allen Benge

    I was a district corporal for a sheriff’s department in Arizona, and I had one of my deputies come to me with a concern. Seems one of our reserve deputies, a prison guard, was stopped for speeding. The deputy said he would leave it to me as to what action I would take. I got with the reserve deputy and gaave him what I refer to as the glass house speech. When you are an officer, everyone knows who you are, even if you are in civvies, and some people live to try to catch an officer doing something wrong, to justify their belief that officers are not acting right. I ended up teaming the two deputies in question, with the regular deputy as the reserve’s training officer. The reserve ended up[ becoming a patrol deputy and went on to become a cracker jack homicide detective.

  • Roger Johnson

    He is only Human I don’t street race no more but every now and then with no one around I get on it LOL

  • Stryder51

    The cop was not drag racing. And the guy filming showed what a douche he is by his last comment before the end. The cop was totally cool to him.

  • Randy Talburt

    Just a little public relations. Back in the days of 440 Magnums and 460 Interceptors the cops could do a little PR with the musclecars. Too bad they made a big deal of it, he wasn’t abusing the bike, or doing anything unsafe. We could use a cop like him in my town instead of young Nazis on the public dime.

  • BEades

    It should not have been any punishment.

  • David McClernon

    It’s good training he needs to know his bike. You got to drive it hard for practice.

  • Tom Corbett

    That FLHTP is NOT turbo charged. No plumbing, No turbo charger.

  • Ron D-

    Sure, this might have been safe, but most of the time it’s safe to go above the speed limit safely. The reason for the limits being posted is for the idiots who can’t make good decisions and the rest of us are responsible for being good role models by observing the law.

  • William Tullis

    Just good ole fun. Law enforcement people are human to.:)

  • Me Here

    Mayor: You’re fired.
    Cop: Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
    Mayor: No
    Cop: Here try it one time.
    Cop: How was it?
    Mayor: Here’s your job back. try not to get caught on video again.

  • Kevin L

    He is a cop, so they should be held to higher standards. I guess it would depend on how fast they were going. They should have thought about safety of the public, I see a lot of cars out there

  • Jane Doe1234

    my gosh that was just having fun no big deal

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