Farm Truck Embarasses Lamborghini. Season 8 Street Outlaws Is Next.

That is right, the bucket of bolts that barely looks like it can run up a hill but actually runs 10’s on a drag strip is back! And this time it’s against a Lamborghini Huracan. Farm Truck and AZN have been hard at work to improve the truck for more drag strip domination. They will need it too because Street Outlaws is being renewed for season 8 this year and there is no doubt that the competition will be fierce. The Farm Truck is practically a legend to most modern-gearheads, and while it hasn’t come easy, they’ve certainly been able to impress us with some crazy wins on the asphalt. Think they have what it takes to keep a spot on the Top 10 list? Fortunately, it will not be long before we all find out!


The King of Street-Racing Sleepers

For those of you who do not know, here is a bit of a history lesson on the Farm Truck. The premise came from the owner, Sean Whitley. As a kid, his father had taken a racing motor and dropped it into their 1956 Ford pickup to take it racing. Although there were hiccups, the Ford was indisputably fast and between that and flagging drag races down Route 66 he was hooked on racing. His companion Jeff Bonnett (who goes by the nickname AZN) joined up with Sean and helps wrench on the cars and talk a big game before races.


Enter Farm Truck. Sean picked up the 1970 Chevrolet C-10 pickup after reading a local Auto Trader magazine advertisement that claimed “Very fast truck for sale.” The decrepit looks every bit the part of a vehicle that is not fast. Rusted body panels, large dents, and even a semi-truck horn all add to this truck’s poor image. But what the camper top, mud flaps, and dilapidated body really hide is a monstrous big block motor that has enough nitrous oxide hooked up to it to last a dentist for a decade.
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