Screamin’ Sixties: Five Of The Biggest And Baddest American Cars Produced In The 60’s

The screamin’ sixties were an era of big power, big cars, and low 0-60 times. Yes, the jet-set era gave rise to international stardom and some of the most gorgeous cars ever sculpted. Race cars became more closely intertwined with their road-going counterparts and everyone benefitted. This was also a time when homologations (requirements of racing cars sold to the public) actually became enforced, letting real race cars and engines be sold to citizens. More importantly, it gave us the muscle car wars. Big block behemoths boasted big power, and with big power comes big responsibility – to lay down fast times.

Cars of this era quickly developed into speed machines that were not only top track performers but also street-racing starlets. While no one will ever agree to which car deserves the overall crown, here are the five that we think deserve more praise than the rest. Here we go!


5) 1964 Pontiac Tempest GTO – 348 Horsepower – $4,500

Starting off our list, and we are sure this will be up for debate, is the Pontiac GTO. It is a car that deserves recognition as being the original muscle car. Here is why with the Tempest already out the GTO was the first in that year to truly start releasing modification options and the bigger engine options from the factory – then came the Mustang later that year. The GTO also whoops on the first year Mustang pretty heavily, taking 4.6 seconds to get to 60 mph (100 kph) where the Mustang took 5.2 seconds.


Aside from the big engine, the GTO could have upgraded wheels, suspension, brakes, and many other components that let owners customize their ride. So this is a car that can outrun most contemporary cars, roast the rear tires, and do all of that with four passengers.

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