Screamin’ Sixties: Five Of The Biggest And Baddest American Cars Produced In The 60’s

4) 1968 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi – 425 horsepower – $4,110

Them Duke boys need to- wait, no, that was the 1969 Charger, never mind. Yes, the 1969 Charger gets all of the attention because of that garish livery and color and the television show, but the performance magic started a year earlier. In 1968 Dodge lets out the 426 Hemi and with a long wheelbase, subtler styling, and excellent amenities it was comfortable to cruise in. All of this is good for when you aren’t in a hurry, but what if you need to be somewhere fast?


Put the hammer down though and you would blitz through a quarter mile at 105 mph (169 kph) in only 13 and a half seconds. How did it pull this off since it was one of the heaviest muscle cars out there? The magic was all in those hemispherical heads that allowed for high power at high RPMs, something most of these cars could not obtain. With a unique engine, TV show kin-manship, and robust performance figures, we’ve got to give it to them. Dodge did it right back then, and that is more than enough to earn it a spot on our rankings.



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