Ford vs Dodge: You Have To Check Out This Epic Tug Of War Battle

Ah yes, a truck vs. tractor tug of war video. Gotta love em’. You always get lots of tire smoke, lots of black diesel smoke, and some one always gets embarrassed at the end. This particular internet gem (video) below features a torque-tastic Dodge Ram 3500 4×4 Dually, and a sturdy old Ford 8600 tractor. Ironically, these two American heavyweights are duking it out in England. Playing tug of war with two vehicles is a heck a lot of fun to watch, but it’s hell on the drivetrains. In order to overcome your opponent, your vehicle has to have more torque, and better traction, which can make for a sound debate and reasoning of the outcome below. Let’s say you do win, the intense strain can severely overheat the transmission fluid / clutch, engine oil, and axle oil. All of which can lead to some serious internal damage and a costly mechanic bill. It goes without saying folks, unless you have a fat wallet and an appetite for destroying your ride, do not try this at home.


The heat buildup alone can cause significant premature wear to the transmission clutches and bands / clutch plate and throw-out bearing, engine and axle seals, bearings, and gears. The loser could also snap a driveshaft, lockup the transmission, or blow up their engine. It’s a dangerous game to play from a mechanical standpoint. But it sure is fun to watch! So risks aside, place your bet boys, and watch this mechanical pack mule take on the beast of burden in the big blue tractor.


The Contenders

Wearing red paint, and fighting out of the Dodge truck plant in Warren, Michigan, its the 3rd-Gen 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4 Dually!!

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2003-2009 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4 Dually

This mechanical pack mule was designed to pull heavy loads, while carrying heavy loads and transporting up to 6 people to wherever that heavy stuff has to go. Under the hood, pre-2007 models got a Cummins 5.9L straight-6 turbo diesel, making 305-hp and a map altering 555 lb-ft of torque. After 2007, these heavy-duty trucks were fitted with a new 6.7L Cummins diesel, which pumped out 350-hp, and a tractor pullin’ 650 lb-ft of twist. We’re not sure which engine lives in the video truck. But it’s pretty clear that anything with 500+ torques is a beast.
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  • twogun

    The obvious question that needs to be answered is how much weight is in the back of that Dodge truck.

    • danl62

      Looks like the tractor has weights on the front to keep the front down so…..

  • Lynn Henry

    This is an apples/oranges comparison – all about traction. This was on pavement, and the pickup probably has 4-5 times more rubber making contact than those lugs on the tractor. Get off the pavement, and the pickup gets dragged backwards in a cloud of dust and diesel smoke.

    • Wilfred Henseler

      Lynn Henry, you’re absolutely right.

    • Jim Bob

      You do understand the momentum is a HUGE FACTOR!?

    • Bobstinate

      I think the truck is just loaded down. The friction coefficient of the tires is probably about the same. The sliding force would be Weight X CoF. If the motor/drive train of the truck can overcome the tractor’s frictional force, Wt X CoF, then it wins. Vice versa is also true of course. The tractor isn’t that large.

      You’re very right about getting off the pavement. Then, the indentation of the tractor tires into the dirt becomes a factor, along with the consideration of the shear strength of the dirt, and the puny treads of the truck don’t stand a chance.

  • Al Farley

    would not have happened if the dodge didnt already have momentum, try it from stand still and see how any factory truck hold.

    • Wilfred Henseler

      Al Farley–Let the tractor pull the truck before the truck driver puts it in gear and watch the truck burn his tires to the rims.

      • Justin Baker

        first of all, the truck has the advantage of a higher purchase and who knows about the weight in the truck. raising the purchase few inches to level probably will change the outcome. Tractors are made for versatility, There are a ladder of choices of where to hook up from on the tractor. why choose so low unless this is a set up or commercial

        • Justin Baker

          he would not pull my tractor.

          • Justin Baker

            lol and I own a dodge 1 ton 4x 1st gen

  • Bryan J. Schaitel

    This is not hard on the drive train. These trucks and tractors are made to do this all day loaded. They are empty….Wait. the Dodge dose look like it has SOME weight in it. still not a 20,000lbs trailer.

  • Wilfred Henseler

    Totally fake. Do this with both vehicles from a dead start.

  • RJ

    A plow needs a PTO?

  • Jim Bob

    So the POS dog gets a rolling start and Momentum. A toyota would probably win.

    • Bogdan

      Which Toyota? Old weak ones, or the newer ones? You do realize that the newest Tundras have 5.7 litre V8, right? Not to mention incomparable build quality to that crappy Dodge.

      • Jim Bob

        A Tercel

      • danl62

        Yeah Toyota build quality. My son has a 1999 Toyota Corolla with a 1.8L 4 cylinder that uses a quart of oil every 300 miles. Yes, every 300 miles. i did some research and the problem is not uncommon. It is an OK car otherwise but take your Toyota “build quality” somewhere else. I will take a Dodge truck over a Toyota truck any day of the week.

  • bgolden

    that is only about a 90 horse power tractor of course it can,t compete especialy if the truck has weight in the box that you can,t see because the cover is on the box.

  • Brian Chausse

    the driver of the tractor didnt even try to wrestle, but on dirt…dodge didnt have a chance

  • Oingo


    • Robert Fraley

      loose? do you mean loser? At least learn how to spell it. wow. The tractor needs to be in the dirt. The truck needs to be on pavement. So whats the point here. The tractor will definitely pull the truck away on the dirt. It has the gears, it has the pull power.

      • Oingo

        The article had the misspelling

  • storming34

    Also, The truck is 4X4, the tractor is 2 wheel drive.

  • Clayton

    They weigh about the same.
    The truck has posi, the tractor didn’t
    The truck has tires designed for pavement, the tractor doesn’t
    The truck also has a lower CG
    The Truck has way more contact patch on the pavement
    The Truck also has more HP and torque

  • Jeff Ray

    The tractor just needs duals on the rear. the trucks got ’em! Fair play! And give it a turbo too! 🙂

  • Jeff Ray
  • bruce steger

    If you look closely at the pickup that the suspension is very low with the bed fully loaded with a lot of weight! Also with dual wheels with street thread it has a much better grip on pavement than the lug thread on the tractor! I see NO weights on the tractor to help with traction ether!.

  • Glen Woodcock

    One wheel drive tractor vs 6 wheel drive pickup not quite fair is it?

    • danl62

      Tractor is one wheel drive. The tractor probably has a differential lock. A foot pedal that when you press down the rear end full locks up. The truck is not six wheel drive. There are only 4 wheels. the front is probably open and the rear is probably not a full locker. An anti-spin differential probably but not a true locker like the tractor. And then the tractor has a 56 to 60 inch tall tire compared to a 33 inch tire for the truck. That would work to the tractor’s advantage. So if you are going to assign blame as to why the tractor got smoked then as least be honest about it.

  • bigdizzle

    This is simply a battle of traction. Put them on the dirt and try again, or put the truck against a 4wd tractor.

  • Ron Roberts

    The tractor should have a foot lever to turn the rear end into a spool. This feature should be on the tractor but it was not used either. Any way, Ford vs. Ford as the Cummings is used and Ford owns Cummings.

    • danl62

      Ford does not own Cummins. Never did own Cummins. They had a stake in Cummins. I think about 15% but they sold that. And it is CUMMINS not CUMMINGS.

      • Ron Roberts

        Oh yes the do or did, not the over the road unit but the one used in dodge trucks, yep they do or did when I retired.

        • danl62

          Well, you are wrong again. That is and always been a myth about Ford owning Cummins. Here to set you straight again.

          • Ron Roberts

            Sorry, think what you want the turbo used by dodge was at on time owned by Ford.

          • danl62

            Well it is not about what you or I think. These are the facts. If you don’t want to accept what Cummins says and released well then you cannot be educated. Facts are facts. This myth about Ford/Cummins ownership has been refuted. Do your own research. You will see you are incorrect. If you have information that proves your point, send me the link. Not innuendo or anecdotes. Just facts.

          • Ron Roberts

            Which you don’t have

          • danl62

            Well then enlighten me. I asked you to show me some facts. So show me why the link I provided you is not fact. Perhaps you just cannot defend your position.

          • danl62

            I am waiting Ronnie.

          • Ron Roberts

            Have a nice day Glen

          • Ron Roberts

            Go to the mirror and look deeply into it now say glen you are an idiot. Keep repeating till you understand. Missouri is a lonely state

          • danl62

            I looked at your other posts. you are one stupid mf’er.

          • Ron Roberts

            And I searched yours also but I won’t tell others that you are a pedophile and just a want to be. opps

          • danl62

            OK Ronnie. You must be a Democrat because of your constant lying. It must be hell to be so stupid.

          • Ron Roberts

            ROTFLMAO, that is all yo got now I know why you pick on little boys oh, it has been fun you are now auto delete bye bye

          • Ron Roberts

            Sure is a shame to put a good engine in a poor truck, what a waste

          • danl62

            Well, i have Ram with a Cummins and I have a Ford F350 with a powerstroke. The Ram is twice the truck. The powerstroke is hard to start in the winter. Much harder. Rusting out. You can keep your Ford. Most overrated truck on the market. The 7.3 powerstroke was the only decent engine put in the Fords. And it still was not even close to the 5.9. I know other people who have Ford powerstrokes and the engine problems are legendary. A friend of mine has one with a 6.0L. On his 3rd engine. 6k to 8K each time. 6.4s were not any better. And the new Scorpion. You wait till the big problems start showing up on that complicated boat anchor. Did you ever notice that hardly anyone uses powerstrokes in truck pulling or drag racing? There must be a reason. Or did you notice that no Class 8 big rigs use a V8 diesel engine. Only inline 6 cylinder diesels? Why do you think that is?

          • Ron Roberts

            Because you are wasting my time, now go play with your toys, it is evident that you have no facts and nothing to offer…. just a want a bee!!!!

          • danl62

            You did not respond with any facts. You really cannot defend your position can you? Of course not. Are you able to debate? If your position is incorrect, it is wise to admit it and move on. That would be the adult thing to do. Now man up.

  • Paul C

    My thoughts on this is put a 8-12 row disk behind each of them in a field and see which one gets the field plowed first. 🙂

  • Bob Meadows

    Trying to do do the same thing with two completely different tools! Like a wrench to a screwdriver !

  • Lou Marchaland

    the dodge is 4wd all of its weight is traction, the Ford only has the rear weight to load its tires, also the Ford 8 and 9000 series where a light tractor for the hp, most of those when being used for drawbar work had a thousand pounds of rear wheel ballast on them, and to top it of the tractor has a lower hitch than the pickup which means the pull is unloading the tractor and loading the pickup, you can see the pickup squatting down from the pull load.

  • Robert Mcjilton

    They started the pull with the tractor already going in the direction of the truck .Want to compare start the pull from a stop.Stupid video means

  • Tim Homesley

    If the tractor had the tires watered “like they run all the time” this would not be the results even on pavement. The tractor would have brought the front end up.

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