Lotus F1 Race Team Jumps Semi-Truck Over Racecar

Some companies leverage commercials that feature half-naked women dancing around a pool, or some nostalgic toys that have come to life just to get the attention of consumers. Instead of turning to such shameless ploys, EMC recruited the help of its business partner Lotus F1 and a well-known Hollywood stuntman to create a world-record jump. The semi-truck jumped over an F1 car, setting a Guinness World Record for the longest ramp jump by a truck and trailer at 83 feet and 7 inches. Mike Ryan is making a real name for himself these days. He’s had a good name in Hollywood and motorsports for some time, but now he is enjoying even more exposure to the public thanks to stunts like this one. Ryan’s resume is pretty impressive, with gigs for films like Terminator 2 (remember the semi that jumped off the bridge and into the ditch?) and the remake of The Italian Job on it. The guy can also drift a semi-truck like Ken Block drifts rally cars, and he even races the big rigs on the Pikes Peak course. Needless to say, Ryan is insanely cool and was the perfect person to use for this amazing stunt.


Using an F1 car for the stunt was an excellent call. The low height of the vehicle meant that the big rig didn’t have to jump off too steep of a ramp to clear the car, which could have proven problematic in a number of ways. With razor-sharp handling at his disposal, the driver was able to veer in front of the ramp at the last moment, allowing the truck to jump over it in a brief moment. It also helps that the F1 car in question was from the 2013 season, which was the last time F1 cars were glorious to see and hear, meaning it was more expendable than the current hybrid racecars.

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Martin Ivanov was behind the wheel of the car and used his impressive Hollywood stunt driving experience to not become flattened like a pancake. Ryan called the stunt his dream because he had never before seen anyone jump a truck with a trailer attached. While jumping any vehicle can be dangerous, a semi-truck with a trailer poses even more of a threat to the safety of the driver. The point where the biggest danger comes into play with a jump is when the vehicle is airborne. If it becomes imbalanced and hits the ground unevenly, it can flip or roll multiple times. Big rigs in general don’t perform well in the air since they’re shaped like bricks and not airplanes. Add a trailer that can swing around independently in the air and you’re taking on an unruly beast that can become lethal in an instant.




Because of the inherent risks of the stunt, Ryan modified the semi-truck so that the amount of danger he was exposed to was minimized at least a little. All flammable materials were removed from the cab, just in case something went wrong and something caught fire. Incidentally, the truck used was a Renault model, which is significant since the French car company supplies engines or “power units” for the Lotus F1 team.

Most people unless you’re a techie have absolutely no idea what EMC is. The Massachusetts-based firm specializes in data storage. Anyone who actually watches F1 racing on a regular basis will recognized the logo on the Lotus car, because the company is the motorsport team’s key sponsor.

Suffice it to say that really nobody else should try this stunt, even if you do happen to have a semi and an F1 racer at your disposal, because no matter how you rationalize it, playing Forza for hours on end will not prepare a person sufficiently. Check out the insane stunt below:

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