Two Men’s Attempt To Load A Trailer Goes Horribly Wrong

Pickup trucks are the backbone of any working man or woman’s inventory. Endlessly versatile and durable they can tackle any task; you wouldn’t be wrong for having one as a daily driver. They are, in fact, so useful that you could run an entire business out of transporting loads from one place to another. That is if you know how to use them. Despite all a truck can do for you, you better be smart enough to use it. Yea, we understand how ridiculous that sounds, but take for example the video below. Two good ole boys (bless their hearts) attempting to load up a Chevy truck with a bum clutch and a bed loaded down with tires proves that common sense, just isn’t’ that common these days. This should go without saying folks, but please NEVER try this at home.


If you ever wanted to see how mistakes can add up to a disaster quickly – watch this video now.

As part of a PSA to all of our viewers, we came up with a step-by-step satirical guide of how to load your trailer like a dummy.


Step 1) Let Your Trailer Do All The Work

If you use your truck for work you should keep it maintained, right? Wrong. Devote all the money you make from the truck elsewhere. Your trailer will do all the work if you’re in the need for some large hauls. If you just buy a trailer to tow you every time your ignored clutch fails yet again, it’ll just tow you right out of your situation. It’s fool-proof.

Step 2) Take Advice From Your (Not-Known-To-Be-Smart) Buddy

Watch Video

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  • Chris Stratford

    That wasn’t the plan?

  • Dwight James

    All the Brown truck driver had to do was slam on the brakes and the brown truck would have stayed on the trailer and the rear tires and brakes would have stopped the green truck… But NO he freaked out and did not think…

  • Matthew Firmin

    So these rednecks didn`t have the truck that`s connected to the trailer in park or what?

    • Terry Ryno

      No Matt what happens is as the brown is pulling on to the trailer, it’s weight lowers the rear of the trailer. That results in the front of the trailer pulling the rear of the towing truck off the ground. When that happens the emergency brake and being in park no longer do any good. Rear tires are off the ground. Has to be someone in the cab of the towing truck with foot locked on the brake at that point. What I do to prevent this is put a set of jack stands under the rear of the trailer, keeps the rear of the trailer for lowering.

  • hizoot

    Dumb ass’s….didn’t even stop to think about the truck loading onto the back of the trailer and it’s very heavy weight .would be lifting the front of the trailer…and the tow trucks ass end off the ground..negating the tow trucks emergency brakes or/and being in park…with its rear wheels off the ground

  • 5litrecat

    Dumb driver should have used his brake pedal.

  • IDontThinkSo2

    I love how the idiots keep talking about the truck’s unmaintained clutch when the rear end of the pulling truck is clearly off the ground.

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